Tonal Delights & Festive Fantasies: Gara Rock x Abigail Ahern

Soothing hues for darker skies, and wanderlust souls

Come inside where a world of luxury, comfort and intrigue awaits...

For this special occasion, two kindred spirits have aligned to share a visual delight for you. Abigail Ahern, a trailblazer in interior design, is renowned for her distinctive style that marries boldness with an unconventional elegance. Her designs are a tapestry of rich textures and deep, moody colour palettes, transforming spaces into realms of luxurious comfort and style.

In the heart of Devon, Gara Rock becomes a sanctuary of warmth & luxury. Here, every suite and space is a testament to the art of cosy indulgence, echoing the richness and comfort synonymous with Abigail Ahern's design ethos. Whether it’s the soothing stop-off for a culinary delight of our seasonal menu, or an occasion to embrace the serenity of a rural escape.

Our worlds collided when the tides and seasons began to change - the cooler climates and the waves crashed against the dramatic rockface of the coastal path. Adorning our inviting corners and unique accommodation with the refinement of her expressive and unique homeware, and accessories - Abigail brought her indulgent interiors to life with Gara as her canvas.

From the Norrie & Harley glowing LED lamps and pendants to illuminate the darkness, with warm inviting colours of bark-wrapped candles and the famous faux botanicals that encapsulate the beauty of natural form. Snuggling on down in the Ryton Chair with soft pouffes and blankets. It is a collection, you will simply want to envelop into and never leave behind, quite like Gara Rock itself.

Doesn’t it all look so inviting?

We will let you in on a secret... for a limited time we will be offering up to 10% off Gara Rock 2024 stays and 10% off Abigail Ahern for our cosy connoisseurs, whisper ABIGAILXGARA at either checkout before the seasons change.


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