Easy-going and down to earth, Gara Rock is a place for families, couples, good friends and great memories. Dogs are very welcome.

Come for lunch or dinner, the day, a well-earned break. Stay for the sunset, the week or for as long as you please.

When the sun shines, the beach is right there. Just below the pool.
When it rains, and it does occasionally, there are games to play and films to watch.
Maybe a little treat in the spa.

We don’t do formalities, dress codes or awkward silences at Gara Rock.
In fact, there’s really only one rule: Make yourself at home.




The Best Sunday Lunch Ever?

That's what you've told us!


Whether you've earned your Sunday Lunch by walking along the coastal path to Gara, or you prefer a more leisurely drive to the clifftop, we are sure a Gara Rock Sunday lunch is up there with the best!




Gara tops the Cool Country Hotels Guide September 2018