World Bee Day 2024

As a business, caring for the environment is at the forefront of the decisions we are making. Did you know we have our very own beekeeper? The honey in our delicious breads, pizzas, desserts, and even some of our cocktails is made and produced from the hives we have on site.

We hate any waste, so we try and ensure that all our ingredients go a long way. As it’s World Bee Day, we thought we would bring to light all things ‘honey’ which goes on here at Gara and is coming your way.

A little about our journey…

This is now our second year since we partnered up with the Salcombe Bee Company and placed five beehives which are situated, in our kitchen garden. Honey has never tasted so sweet. This is why we continue to use and plan our ever-changing menu, with honey at the centre of many of our recipes.

Fancy a day at the hives?

We’re excited to announce that coming soon to Gara Rock is a unique experience where you can spend ‘A Day in the Life of a Beekeeper’. If you’re curious to experience more of an insight about the cycle of the bees and how honey is produced in real time, spend time with our experienced and knowledgeable beekeeper. As part of your tour, a tailored honey themed menu for you to get your taste buds on will be included, set against the backdrop of floor to ceiling windows offering a panoramic view of the ocean blue coastline. Lastly, a jar of honey for you to take home to enjoy time and time again.