Working sustainably

Here at Gara Rock, we love working sustainably and caring for the environment however we can. Whether that be using our drip trays to make delicious beer bread the following day or rhubarb and ginger leftovers from our pastries to make our tangy gin, we hate waste and want to make as much out of our ingredients as possible!

We’re so excited to have partnered with The Salcombe Bee Company who have placed four beehives in our kitchen garden. We can’t wait to produce our own honey, and we’re anticipating our first batch to be ready later in the summer.

Not only will our jars of honey be available to take home with you, but we’ll be introducing an exclusive bee experience. You'll get to try a tantalizing honey themed menu and tasting, followed by a trip to our hives with a member of the Salcombe Bee Company team. Learn about the process of beekeeping and how these amazing creatures are vital for our planet.

Our kitchen garden will also thrive and grow thanks to our amazing new residents. These important insects will help pollinate our vegetables and flowering plants, helping grow delicious food for our menus and create wildflower meadows which provide homes for many different species.