Gara Rock Welcomed Julia Bradbury!

Did you see, Gara Rock featured in Julia Bradbury’s ITV Cornwall and Devon Walks? We love this part of the coast, so it’s great to see its beauty highlighted on TV. If you missed it, Julia walked the South West Coast Path from gorgeous Salcombe to rugged Prawl Point, popping in to say hello at Gara Rock Hotel along the way.

We invited Julia to stay in one of our laidback suites, to rest her feet for a night, sample the delights of the award-winning restaurant (she had the Salcombe crab – excellent choice!), and of course admire our gorgeous views.

Starting in Salcombe, Julia explored the beautiful harbour which, at a glimpse, looks like a tropical island! With the white buildings contrasting against the bright blue sea, you feel as if you’re abroad. Hopping on to the Salcombe ferry, it’s a lovely scenic walk along the coast to reach us.

Once here at Gara Rock, look out for a quick glimpse of our lounge bar (serves a lovely cocktail!) and restaurant. Julia nabbed the best seat in the hotel overlooking the rugged cliffs, soothing countryside, and sandy beach, as she enjoys the delicious crab. It’s enough to make anyone want to visit us on this spectacular coastline.

And Julia isn’t the only one to love our clifftop location, our luxury hotel in South Devon is a big attraction for many looking to escape to this amazing part of the coast. Whether it’s coming to stay for a little getaway or walkers and locals passing through for a quick bite to eat and refreshing drink - we enjoy being able to share our breathtaking landscape with you.

Stand on the beach looking back at our hotel, admire the countryside landscape surrounding us and say hi to the local wildlife, our friendly next-door neighbours.

If you missed the show and have a spare half an hour, we’d recommend sitting down with a cuppa and losing yourself in the beauty of Salcombe and Gara Rock. Trust us, it’s better in person so why don’t you come and stay! We’d love to have you.

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