How did Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats form?

We were both working in the swiss ski resort of Verbier. Sharing a love for sports and the outdoors. We believe that the natural environment is the best gym. For a healthy body and mind, there is nothing better than spending a day either by the mountain or the beach. We have handpicked our locations; specifically choosing partners who have direct access to incredible nature. Whether it’s stepping out of a chalet onto snowy altitude trails, or onto the beach in Sri Lanka, or the Devonshire coast we aim to bring you innovative exercises in the most stunning scenery. 

What is your most and least favourite exercise?


I personally love to run and swim in the sea; Lottie would say skiing or road cycling. But we both are passionate about the outdoors and pushing ourselves as well as living a balanced life. We really do practice what we preach and live an extremely active life. Mixing it up with the seasons and of course rest and recovery.

Why is regular fitness important?

Consistency is key to any success. Progress is not necessarily linear you just have to keep at it and also mix it. We are a bit believer in hard workouts but also low-intensity training like walks and yoga. Regular fitness is of course really important for your physical health but the benefits to the mind cannot be underestimated. More science is shining light on the importance of this now. But yes if you want a happy mind, spend a day in the elements, away from the desk and synching the body and mind in the moment.

Who has been your most memorable attendee?

Ha ha we have had so many incredible clients and really on our week-long retreats, we do witness a huge transformation. Many memories and a few celebs but we keep everything shhh... 

How do you incorporate the environment around the hotel into your fitness programme?

The environment is our most valuable asset. Think barefoot pre brekkie beach circuits. The sand is a great tool and barefoot has so many benefits. The stunning trails of the south west coast path allow for exploration and of course, the sea is the best recovery for tired legs.

What fitness level is the retreat for?

Anybody and everybody. We tailor the training accordingly and split the group so that we can meet everybody’s needs. We have had clients ranging from 21 to 61 years old. Really it’s about being active, being outdoors and having fun. Our pre-arrival consultation and small group sizes ensure that there is an inclusive atmosphere.

What can people expect when they join us at Gara Rock for the Fitness Retreat?

You will spend the entire day waking up different muscles, expect variety, time on your feet, exploration, fun and an incredible feeling of tired satisfaction at the end of the day. You can then put your feet up in the hotel and enjoy a well-deserved spa session and dine in the restaurant. 

Finally, what will the guests take away from this experience?

Many of our clients come alone and make great friends as well as memories. We aim to motivate people, inspire them with our passion for movement and teach them new ways of working out in an enjoyable way.