The Beach

Gara Rock overlooks a secluded sandy cove at the foot of the cliffs, which is accessed along the coast path, through a small copse and across meadows. The winding track that passes down from the coast path to the beach follows a small stream; it is steep and a little challenging in places, though handrails have been put in place to help children and adults alike across the trickier parts.

As you step across the rocks and reach the shoreline, the cove will open up around you - a long stretch of white sand with striking, striated rock formations and crystal clear, rolling waves as far as the eye can see. From above, the waters of this secret beach are a fluorescent turquoise in summer, as the sun shimmers off the sand below and a few families play in the surf. 

The isolated location, far from the nearest village, and steep access makes this beach a perfect place to escape. At low tide, a second cove is revealed on the western end, with caves to explore!