The resort

Unwind at the
edge of the world

There’s something special about Gara Rock

A break at Gara Rock is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. We’ve created a small resort where you’ll always be able to relax in comfort and style, enjoy our exclusive facilities, and soak up the unique atmosphere of the South Devon coast. So why do we love it here so much?

It’s the small things: the scent of rosemary chicken drifting up on a sea breeze and telling you that you don’t need to cook tonight. Your child’s smiling face as she buries you in the sand in the cove. Your friends’ laughter as you try to catch a fish in the creek.

And the big things: the sheer expanse of the sea as you open your bedroom curtains in the morning. The summer sun on your face, and the winter wind in your hair. The knowing that you have a place in one of the most beautiful spots in England.

So wash the sand from your toes, sip a Prosecco on your terrace, and watch the sun set on another wonderful day.

With a place of your own at Gara Rock you always have time for the important things in life.

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